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The Peace Bridge Newcomer Centre is a reception centre for refugee claimants, a program offered by the Fort Erie Multicultural Centre (FEMC) in partnership with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Peace Bridge Authority (PBA). The reception centre is located at the Peace Bridge which is located at 80 Queen Street, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 3S4.  This is the port of entry into Canada between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, Ontario. This facility offers a variety of services that tend to the humanitarian issues of a refugee claimant. First step assistance is readily available for refugee claimants immediately upon their arrival in Canada.

  • INFORMATION & REFERRAL • Orientations are offered regarding legal requirements and the process for refugee claimants as well as access to the internet and resource centre.
  • EMERGENCY HOUSING • Temporary housing placements are made by utilizing local and non-local shelters as well as connecting refugee claimants to family and friends.
  • TRANSPORTATION • Assistance is provided to claimants for transportation to their travel destinations throughout Niagara, Ontario and Canada.
  • NUTRITION & CHILD MINDING • Child minding and a light snack are provided for claimants as they await their interview with a CBSA officer.